Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Five Ways To Prevent Acne

Acne can be one of the most difficult problems adolescents go through. I know this will sound ridiculous to many of us. After all, we are adults and live in a world with real adult problems. Acne hardly seems like the thing to worry about. For children aged 12-18, severe acne is an emotionally painful thing to go through. Girls can hid it under layers upon layers of foundation and powder. Boys are not so lucky. 

It is humiliating to have a face covered in acne. Children also become reclusive, shy, and even unwilling to pose for photographs. They know people are looking at their skin. Their self-esteems are vulnerable, without good parenting, this can become a major problem.  

I do not think children should be expected to suffer acne. We know that it is caused by hormones and stress. We know that it is not caused by diet or eating too much chocolate. If parents have the money to invest in medication or treatments, it is money well spent. 

Acne can leave permanent scars. Sometimes the scars are so deep that the only way to fill it is by injections. Why even let it go this far? There are five ways to prevent acne.

Naomi's Tips

1. Keep your face clean. Beautiful skin always starts with clean skin. Remember that skin cells are dying all the time. Those cells clump up, along with dirt, sweat, and wonderful microbes. Wash with warm water (not hot). I sometimes like to steam my face before washing it. Put a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a rolling boil. Let the steam open your pores. Wash with a mild facial cleanser. Do not use any of Seattle Soap Company bar or liquid soaps on your face. These are designed for your body only. Instead, look for a simple, mild facial cleanser. That is all you need. 

2. Moisturize your skin. I know this might seem counter intuitive. Especially if you know your acne is caused by oily skin. It is important to moisturize properly, using a gel based moisturizer. 

3. Try over the counter acne products. If those do not work for you, it is time to make a trip to the dermatologist. When I went to the dermatologist for the first time they gave me Retin-A. My grandmother started using it to reduce her wrinkles. I use it too, especially in the winter. Retin-A makes your skin very sensitive to sunburns. 

4. Use anti-bacterial gel. They come in little tubes, just keep them in your purse or desk. Every few hours, sanitize  your hands. The average person touches their face 3 to 5 times per minute. This seems like a lot to me. But if we take the conservative approach, we are still touching our faces hundreds of times every day. Just keeping our hands clean makes a big difference. I am not encouraging anyone to go OCD on me. But I am saying, be vigilant to keep your hands clean. You will have fewer acne breakouts. 

5. Keep your hair off your forehead. Hair care produces will cause breakouts. 


imrational said...

I'd also recommend running an empty load in your washer with a lot of bleach. Washing machines can harbor bacteria. Then, in the future, wash and dry your clothes on as high as temperature as possible (especially pillow cases) to avoid recolonizing your skin.

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