Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ILP Laser - Red Blood Vessel Removal

ILP lasers are claim to be better at removing red blood vessels while Fraxel lasers tend to be better at removing scars, fine lines and tattoos. Many people are claiming that ILP causes permanent damage to the skin. There are some forums where people post comments, I recommend reading the complaints people have before investing in this product.

"Photofacial is just another name for the use of an IPL or intense pulsed light source.Intense pulsed light sources are used throughout the country for the treatment of facial redness, as well as brown spots and unwanted hair, but most commonly for redness. The effectiveness of an IPL treatment is determined by the machine used and the experience of the user of that machine. Note, however, that IPL works best on fixed redness but has very little result on the blushing and flushing response that many rosacea patients have.

David Goldberg, MD

The best way to learn about ILP lasers is simply to watch the following YouTube videos.



Larry Williams said...

This procedures are nice for improving skin beauty!

Blood Vessel Laser Removal

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