Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why I love Retin A

Why I love Retin A

I am in my thirties, and my skin looks fantastic. I do all the right things for my skin. I wear sunscreen everyday, exfoliate, apply natural masks and practice good hygene. I eat antioxidants and apply topical antioxidants to my skin. But I also have a little secret. Every winter I use Retin A.

When I first discovered Retin A I was a teenager. I needed it to treat my acne. My grandmother started using it to reduce her wrinkles. I did not start using it again until years later. This stuff is proven to increase collagen production. Collagen is a protein, when we age the fibers loosen.

“To my knowledge, this is the only drug for which there has been crystal-clear demonstration that it works on the molecular level,” said Dr. John J. Voorhees, the chairman of the dermatology department at the medical school of the University of Michigan.

The problem with Retin A is that it is very uncomfortable to use. Many people give up quickly. My advice is to keep using it, even with the redness and flaking. It is worth every cent, and one of the few skin care produces that really does work.

Every winter I start using Retin A. It is my way of building up collagen and reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles. I just finished one week of Retin A and my face is finally starting to recover. It has been red, irritated, and flaky.

When I put lotion on my skin during the Retin A treatment it starts to burn. I do not know what is happening or why my skin hurts so much when I apply lotion.

This is something I do only once a year because I cannot tolerate the discomfort. My skin feels very tight and dry during the treatment. When it is finished, my skin looks refreshed and beautiful. I can say that there is a noticeable difference. I use Retin a during the winter months because during treatment, the skin is extremely sensitive to UV light.


Misa said...

Sorry to bother was just wondering: why do you only limit your Retina A use to the winter? Why not use it all year round??

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