Friday, January 4, 2013

$1700: Average Cost for Laser Resurfacing

The Winter is the Best Time to get Laser Skin Resurfacing

After you have had your skin resurfaced, your skin will be very vulnerable to UV rays. During dark winter months, presuming you live in the Northern Hemisphere  your skin will be less exposed to sunlight. I recommend getting this work done now rather than any other time of year 

What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Each laser is a little different, some are Co@ lasers, some are Erbium YAG and fractional lasers. There are a few types,  but the general idea is that they remove top layers of skin via focused light energy. Some penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen growth. Yay! That is what we really want, something to stimulate collagen growth. As we get older our faces start to skin in, and collagen stimulation is the only way to prevent this from happening. The main goal of laser resurfacing is to make the skin tighter, brighter, smother and more even in texture, color and tone. 
Remember that beautiful skin is more than just wrinkles. It is about how your face reflects light. I always tell people do not try to look younger, just try to be a better version of yourself. 
Who Is a Good Candidate:
The best candidates for skin resurfacing are light-skinned non-smokers who are in generally good health and who have a positive outlook and realistic expectations about outcome. You should be free of any active skin infections, including acne. If you have cold sores the dermatologist will prescribe a special medication to take for a few weeks prior to your resurfacing. Laser resurfacing can trigger outbreaks.
If you smoke you should quit for a two weeks prior to surgery. Smoke blocks oxygen to the skin. (It also ages the skin terribly, so if you care about your skin smoking is something you should never do.)
Fraxel Laser Before and After


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