Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Warm Winter Body Scrub

It was freezing yesterday. The cold was one of those foggy, trembling, bone splinting types.  Nothing in this world makes me happier than having a hot cup of coffee and a warm bath on these freezing days.

I decided it was time to treat myself to a moisturizing scrub. Here is the recipe:

one half cup finely ground rolled oats
one tbs finely ground coffee
quarter cup Greek Yogurt
one tsp Salicylic Acid (mixed very well)

I mixed the batch up in a mason jar and placed it right next to my warm bath, ready for use. First, I always sit in the water and wash up, this opens my pores so that they respond to the treatment. The Yogurt contains lactic acid. Combined with salicylic acid we have two fold chemical exfoliation.

Scoop up a small amount of oatmeal scrub and massage it into your skin. The finely ground oats and coffee will provide enough physical exfoliation to remove dead skin. The acid dissolves the fibers connecting the cells. This is a perfect combination of physical and chemical exfoliation. Rub just until it starts to feel uncomfortable, then stop.

Rinse with warm water. Immediately after the bath, pat the excess water. This is when I use my massage bar, lotion bar, or body lotion. The pores are still open, there is a short window so lotion up quickly.

My skin still feels very soft.


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