Friday, June 22, 2012

Make your own Glycolic Mask

Glycolic Acid is one of the best substances to combat wrinkles and premature aging. I like to use Retin A at night. When my skin starts to become flakey, then I make a glycolic peel. The acid dissolves the bonds that hold layers of skin cells together, so that the outer layer of dead skin cells can be stripped away revealing younger, smoother skin.

So, I am going to teach you how to do it.
1. one tbs Raw Sugar. (I prefer Muscovado Sugar.)
2. one tbs Plain Greek Yogurt
3. Glycolic Acid 70% peel – 3 to 5 drops

The Sugar contains glycolic acid, but for me it usually is not enough to get the desired effect that I want. You can get a potent glycolic acid peel from ebay, or from any of the suppliers that I previously listed. You should handle this peel very carefully. It will cause painful burns.

After making your mixture, add drops of glycolic acid. Mix thoroughly.

Apply to skin, keeping it away from the eyes or any area with broken skin. Let the solution sit on your skin until it starts to become too uncomfortable. This solution needs to be strong enough to feel, but not too strong that it hurts. Keep it on your skin for as long as you can stand it.

Rinse with cool water. Your skin will look pink.

The acid will break apart the bonds that are holding dead cells together. Under the dead skin, is your fresh baby skin.

If you want to apply a sunless tanning lotion, always do so after using this peel. Your tan will last much longer and look more even.
After your peel, apply the night cream of your choice. 


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