Thursday, June 28, 2012

Perlane filler

When I started this blog, I intended it to be only for skin care related topics. I wanted to write about DIY masks, lotions, creams and such. I also decided to write about advanced cosmetic skin care, such as injections and laser treatments. There are very few blogs out there dedicated to affordable skin care treatments. I did not want to write about things like face lifts, implants and things that involve blood, staples or general anesthesia. This blog entry will discuss a cosmetic injectable, Perlane, as it is used to plump up the cheeks and other areas of ones face. 

This blogs objective is to share tips and tricks for having healthy, youthful, beautiful skin at any age. It is about preventing sun damage and skin cancer. I did not start this blog with the intention of talking about cosmetic surgery. However, the fact is that two topics do co-mingle. After all, everything we do to our skin is ´cosmetic´ in one form or another. The only difference is that some people take it further than others. 

Although I really want to keep this blog centered on skincare, there will be times that I will cross the ´line´, so to speak, and write about how injections are used to achieve different results, like fuller lips and cheeks. As we age, everything drops, including the fat on our faces. I liked this video, and the results that this young lady received. She looked much better after the procedure.

So even though cheek implants is something I certainly would not blog about, perlane is something I this blog can discuss. The video is linked above. If you live in the Washington Metro Area and would like to meet the doctor who performed this operation, you may find him at the link below.

Regarding his procedure, my questions are:
1. How long does it last?
2. How much does it cost?
3. What other injections achieve similar results?

I know that doctors never want to discuss money or the cost of things over the phone or online. Just one day ago, a woman in Dallas Texas reported paying$1,200 for this procedure. She was very pleased with the results.  

Seattle Doctor: http://www.doctorstella.com/


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